We are a hotel without pets

Finally vacation – time to unwind and relax!
But for some, it can be difficult when a curious and lively dog of other guests is frolicking and exploring the surroundings in the common room, next door or on the terrace.

While for many people their four-legged friend is essential for holiday happiness, we also respect that there are people who want to enjoy their holiday without pets. That’s why we offer pet hair-free zones throughout the hotel where you can enjoy your vacation without any worries.

Relax, lean back, and enjoy your holiday in our pet-free hotel.
We look forward to helping you create unforgettable memories!

Dog-free holiday in the dolomites

Several reasons have led us to offer a holiday without dogs in South Tyrol.

Many people suffer greatly from their pet hair allergies. That’s why they are grateful when they can stay in a hotel where rooms, suites, and other areas do not have pets that shed their fine hairs.

Dog owners may not always understand this, but there are people who simply have a fear of dogs. Regardless of whether this fear is justified or not, we want to offer these guests the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free holiday.

That’s so good!

Let’s sit together when we eat.